ashleigh louer | makeup artist

ashleigh louer | makeup artist

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Makeup artist Ashleigh Louer got her start in makeup while working in cosmetics sales as a student at San Francisco State University. Upon graduation, she moved to New York City to pursue magazine advertising, but her access to beauty editors and enthusiasm for the industry quickly led to writing product reviews. Realizing her growing interest in a beauty career, Ashleigh became an artist for Laura Mercier Cosmetics. It was during this time that she perfected her trademark “flawless face” technique, which continues to be the foundation of her method. Ashleigh then expanded her practice to editorial and advertising assignments, moving to Paris to build her portfolio before ultimately returning to Los Angeles.

Ashleigh’s work is characterized by her emphasis on radiant skin and a skillfully blended palette. She has collaborated with notable photographers on editorials for top publications including W Magazine, Vanity Fair and Interview. She works with some of Hollywood’s brightest up-and-coming talent including Caitlin Fitzgerald, Taissa Farmiga, Melissa Benoist and Lauren Cohan.

Ashleigh lives in Los Angeles.


*Resume available upon request

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Ashleigh Louer
Los Angeles, Ca

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